On Our Seeking System

American Management Association

Reawaken the drive to learn more with Dan Cable.


Keeping your people alive at work when transformation’s on the menu

PwC – Transformation Talks

In this new podcast series, David Lancefield explores transformation through the lens of a diverse group of people, who have driven, lived through or studied transformation in their own ways. Episode 1 features Dan Cable, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School.


Alive at Work

The Bregman Leadership Podcast

Discover Dan’s theory on balancing innovation and execution, how you should redefine failure for your team and a feedback exercise that activates growth mindsets.


Make Work Engaging Again

Harvard Business Review

Dan explains why people often lose their enthusiasm for their work and how leaders can help them get it back. We shouldn’t forget that as humans we all need to explore and have purpose — and without that, we languish.


Alive at work – making work better with emotion

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Listen to Dan talk with Bruce Daisley from Twitter about intrinsic motivation and making work feel more like real life – complete with positive emotions.


Winning ways

London Business School Review

Organizations should stick to their core values to secure employee commitment and achieve corporate success, say Dan Cable and Kimberly D Elsbach.

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